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High Speed Mixer Granulator


PMS Mixer® is a high-speed mixer granulator (HSMG) that combines multiple functions, including mixing, dispersing, and high-shear granulating, into a single operation with optimal cycle times. This innovative machine is designed to meet the demands of today's fast-paced production environments, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

With this mixer, dry mixing can be accomplished as rapid as 1-3 minutes, while wet granulation can be performed within 3-6 minutes, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency. All ingredients are blended thoroughly and uniformly, resulting in a consistent product. The unique design of the mixer granulator also minimizes product loss, making it an ideal solution for industries where product waste must be kept to a minimum. The machines are available in a range of sizes, from laboratory-scale models up to large-scale production units, making it a versatile choice for companies of all sizes.


Standard Agitator and High-Speed Chopper Blades are working together to rapidly mix the ingredients within a few minutes.

Optional Spraying System to spray perfume or active ingredients by Spray Ball. 

Optional Swing Aside Wet or Dry Granulator to make granule while discharging. 

Optional Hoist for Easy Lifting and Cleaning of Agitator Blade, recommended for MG600 and Above

Optional WIP (Water in Place) for ease of Cleaning of the Equipment and Ensure Standardize Cleaning

Optional Vacuum Transfer for the ease of Material Loading



The PMS Mixer® utilizes a conical mixing bowl design, ensuring complete separation of product contact parts from driving components. All product-contacting parts are constructed of high-quality stainless steel SUS 316, and are mirror polished to maintain hygienic standards. A pneumatically operated seal between the mixing bowl and lid, along with air purge labyrinth seals between the bowl and shafts, provides a dust-tight operation.

Raw materials can be fed into the mixer either manually through the fully open lid, or automatically through suitable inlets on the lid. The conical mixing bowl structure helps prevent adhesion of raw materials and ensures a smoother flow inside the bowl. The main agitator, located at the base of the mixer, works in conjunction with the high shear chopper located laterally in the mixer wall. These rotating elements intensively force the product to move in both vertical and horizontal planes, resulting in a homogeneously mixed product in a short period of time.

The incorporation of binder through the lid hopper moistens and agglomerates pre-mixed materials. The chopper then breaks these material agglomerations into fine and uniform granules. For process reproducibility, mixing time or mixing power consumption can be characterized by the main agitator and chopper motor current, allowing for accurate process endpoint determination. The finished product is discharged through a pneumatic valve, using centrifugal force, into a product container or directly into a Fluid Bed Dryer bowl.


  • Pharmaceuticals: Wet Granulation of Active Ingredients & Excipients, Granulation for Herbal Medicines, Mixing and Granulation of Dry Powder Inhaler Formulations, Preparation of Instant Granules for Effervescent Tablets and Dissolvable Films

  • Cosmetics: Mixing and Granulating for Face Powder, Body Powder (Talcum & Corn Powder), Eye Shadow, Brush on, Two Way Powder

  • Food: Mixing and Granulation of Seasoning, Soups, Drink Mixes, and Instant Food, Production of Dry Mixes of Cereals, Snacks, and Confectionery Products, Preparation of Bakery Products, Wet Granulation of Health Food, and Granulation of Instant Coffee and Tea Blends 

  • Agricultural: Granulation of Chemical Fertilizers, Biofertilizers, and Organic Fertilizers, Mixing and Granulation of Animal Feed and Feed Additives, Preparation of Soil Conditioning Agents

  • Chemical: Mixing and Granulation of Powders and Pellets to be used in Detergents, Chemical Fertilizers, and Plastics, Production of Catalysts and Adsorbents, Mixing of Polymers and Additive for Plastic Industry, Granulation of Powdered Paints and Coating 

  • Other: Mixing and Granulating of Metal Powders, Production of Metal Oxide Catalysts & Sorbents, Mixing and Granulating of Ceramic Powders, and Mixing and Granulating of Battery Electrode Materials.


  • cGMP Compliance: Ensure the safety and quality of products produced 

  • Efficient and Fast Process Time: HSMG can reduce up to 90% of Mixing Time and 50% energy consumption comparing to conventional tumbling mixers. 

  • Versatility Mixing Process: Can be used for 100% dry mix, dispensing up to 20% wet ingredients with dry powder, spraying perfume in dry powder, etc. 

  • High and Uniform Product Quality: The uniform mixing and granulation achieved by HSMG results in superior quality products with consistent particle size, shape, and density.

  • Easy to Scale Up and Down: HSMG can be easily scaled up or down to meet the production and laboratory needs. PMS offers size between 1 to 1,600 liters.

  • Low Space Requirement: HSMG is offered in compact form factor and no external moving parts. Even the large 1,600 liters machine only occupy less than 3.0 x 5.0 meters production space.

  • Easy to Operate, Clean and Maintenance 



  • Mixing bowl and all contact parts made of stainless steel SUS 316

  • PLC / HMI Controller

  • Single Speed Main Agitator and Chopper

  • Non-explosion proof motors and non-explosion proof control

  • Electric control panel with timer, ammeter (except Lab model), start-stop push buttons, emergency stop push button, air seal pressure regulator, overload relay

  • Manually operated Discharge Valve

  • Commissioning Report and Manual


  • Swing Aside Blow Cover for Low-Height Room

  • Swing Aside Discharge Housing for Easy Cleaning

  • Integrated Swing-Type Wet or Dry Granulator

  • WIP System for Standardize Cleaning

  • Spraying System

  • Heating or Cooling Jacket

  • Variable Speed for Chopper and Agitator

  • Explosion Proof Motor / Explosion Proof Controller

  • Inert Gas Blanketed for Hazardous Material

  • Hoist for Lifting Agitator

  • Vacuum Transfer System

  • Torque Control System

  • Validation Documents: Installation Qualification / Operational Qualification

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